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The Wall

A Virtual Tour of Northmavine

by Allen Fraser


Wait until the virtual tour loads. You should see a map of Northmavine on the right and a picture of the wall at Mavis Grind on the left.

You can press the 'play' > button below the wall to start a slideshow of pictures with accompanying text below. It will then play automatically, however it may play too fast for you to read the text and take in the information! If it's too fast for you, you can click the 'stop' button or click on the picture.

Allen advises that it's best to go through the tour manually -

  • Each red dot on the map is one of 20 points on the tour of Northmavine. Each point starts with an image of the Wall. You can click on a red dot to see the images for that area.

  • When you hover your mouse over the picture on the left, you will see little camera symbols. Click on one and it will show another related image with information. Click on the red cross to go back to where you were.

  • Use each curving arrow on the right to go to the next image - there are 4 images for each of the 20 points. (plus embedded images)

  • When you come back to the Wall image you started on, click on the vertical arrow that will take you to the next point or click on another red spot on the map and so on..

Have fun exploring Northmavine!



Many thanks to Allen Fraser for all his hard work.