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Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC) is a registered charity in Scotland - Charity No SC039396 logo

Northmavine Community Website Project

Saturday 26th August 2006 saw the completion of the NCDC's Northmavine Community Website Project. This project was funded by Shetland Enterprise's Community Economic Development (CED) Fund, the Northmavine Community Council, Shetland Enterprise's 3 Year Development Plan Implementation Fund, Communities Scotland ROA Fund and by donations from Northmavine businesses.

The website was designed by volunteers and the information included on it has come voluntarily from local contributors. They were ably assisted by Fiona Cope, a local person who is trained in how to create websites and who was contracted to carry out the work.

Fiona Cope & Charlotte Stevens
Fiona Cope & Charlotte Stevens working on the website at Charlotte's computer.
Photo © Lorna Sandison

This has been quite a learning experience for all those involved. This experience ranged from how to put together such a site, editing text for the public domain, organising and gathering materials to arranging and putting on a launch event.

The site belongs to the Northmavine community and welcomes contributions from local people. Information, photographs and small articles are all welcomed. Contact the NCDC office on:

website launch
Website launch - North Roe Hall, August 26, 2006.
Photo © Lorna Sandison. Please click on photo to see a larger version.